A meeting of great minds....
Dr Japseye on a rare visit from the USA, accompanied by Dr Bellend and a colleage Dr Scrote, out for a curry recently.

What did these great intellects discuss? Well we spent the first 20 minutes laughing about farts. 
This guy works with me.
Goodbye S5 day :-(
I think that counts as large.
Bob the giant bunny.
Bellend Labs.
With our shootin' irons.
Freezing my nadgers off.
Goodbye Scooby day :-((
A pie.
My Venus Flytrap having
A rare sunny day.
Tesla coil of death under
Giving my old red Audi a
run (on the track of course).
I built a Meccano tower
crane. Why? I don't know.    
My next Meccano project.

I found this in an old catalogue. It definately
shows how times have changed.  
The Queen passing our
house. (Really)
Fatty's bum.
How many people do you know who wash the
hire car on holiday?

Well it was a Camero SS!
Extending the Chicken run.   
Christmas time with Mrs Bellend.    
Hover - taxi-ing in an Enstrom 280.   
Hover - taxi-ing the somewhat smaller Raptor 30.   
1983 and favourite job ever.    
Goodbye M3 day :-((

I watch as the new owner takes my baby.