Remember when the government talked about putting black boxes in cars and everyone was up in arms about being tracked everywhere?

Well, that idea went away a few years ago due to its unpopularity. But they did it another way. Everywhere you drive now, ANPR cameras capture your plate and a photo of your ugly mug and off it goes on to a government server somewhere. Do you get a choice in this? No. It’s all in the name of preventing crime. However all the criminals do is clone some plates from a law abiding citizen and they become invisible.

These cameras started off on motorways, but they are now in every city and motorway junction logging your every move.

There are many different types, but the NDIRS camera is a favourite.
Two separate cameras are inside each case, one reads your plate in infra-red, one gets a colour photo of the driver.

ANPR cameras

What’s in these cameras?

anpr closeup

If you are a normal law-abiding citizen who doesn’t want to be tracked everywhere, can you fight back? Well, yes.

Here is a normal photo taken with a camera of the front of a car with a spare number plate propped next to it.

ANPR car2_edited-1

And here is the same photo through an NDIRS ANPR camera. Notice how it enhances number plates and rejects everything else.

How come the plate on the car isn’t there?

ANPR car2

The number plate on the car has an invisible infra-red blocking filter on it. It looks perfectly normal but can’t be read by the ANPR camera because it uses an infra red illuminator to bring out the plate.

These can be purchased from

It is illegal to tamper with your number plate so of course these are just for use on private land. :)